What Should I Do Today In San Antonio?

What Should I Do Today In San Antonio?

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It’s the astronomer’s forecast. At a glance, it shows when it will be cloudy or clear for up to the next two days. It’s a prediction of when San Antonio, TX, will have good weather for astronomical observing. The data comes from a forecast model developed by Allan Rahill of the Canadian Meteorological Center. CMC’s numerical weather forecasts are unique because they are specifically designed for astronomers.

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What is there to do in San Antonio, TX? San Antonio’s history as the site of five Spanish Catholic missions is palpable throughout the region, with sites like the Alamo and san antonio missions National Historical Park (Texas’ first UNESCO World Heritage Site) harkening to times gone by. But that doesn’t mean the region is stuck in the past.

Things to do Get a taste of Western culture in the middle of February when the city hosts the annual san antonio stock show & Rodeo . Billed as being the largest event in area, the stock show and rodeo provides the chance for visitors of all ages to see various live animal exhibits, attend parades and witness professional Western athletes go.

San Antonio is a’changin’ y’all. Especially the heart of the city – downtown and its immediate neighborhoods. With the new. By San Antonio Current Staff | July 19, 2019

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The San Antonio Museum of Art is one of the best things to do in San Antonio, TX. The museum offers a variety of educational and community-based art programs for adults, students and children and hosts several events throughout the year, as well as rotating and traveling exhibitions.

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